Friday, August 31, 2007

another organic blanket
(can you tell i am starting a collection)
un-named organic cotton
color grown cream and sage
us size 8

my own design-- thanks to stitch pattern books.
this blanket was intended to be a donation item to the school auction at my group-care job. but since i don't work there anymore...
it's just gonna stay with me.
and of course, i love it!


feather and fan scarf autunno (100% fine merino wool)
us size 9

made for my Werner mother, Florence. she picked the yarn out while visiting us this summer.
WOW! can you believe i've had a post for every day this week!
it's like i'm a regular now.
mostly it is because i have so many finished projects stocked up, but i hope to be a little more consistent in the future.

1 comment:

kate said...

girl, you are a posting fool! keep it up, i love seeing all that yummy stuff.

congrats on the new gig. who doesn't love more time to knit?