Friday, August 10, 2007

i have so much i want to share, i'm not sure where to start, how to tie it together or whether to put it into different posts entirely. nonetheless, i want to share the variety of completed knitting projects (really, i refuse to call them "F.O's", it's such a strange description to me.), how The Green Thing has a strong hold on me, and my new exciting job change (for you, my steady blog readers, who are also My Knitting Group, this is old news) and how, with all of it going on, i feel more in touch with how i want to live my life.

but tonight it is late. i have no pictures to share. my contacts feel dry from staring at this computer screen for too long searching out the latest in knitting goodness, tips for vegetables and composing emails.



Paper said...

The Green Thing? Literal or metaphorical?

Sleep well, Emily, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for pix when you're ready. :P

Erin said...

I'm a patient person, I can wait to see and hear about all these things!

Anonymous said...

um....considering i have NO idea what this new job is, i am very intrigued.

do share!