Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Morning!
that's right. it's monday. and it's good
i'm knitting.
it's really good!

no work for me today. i've started my new job this week, and it allows me a whole lot more of this. that's right: sittin' and knittin'.

The new gig: i've accepted an offer to work for one family tending to their wee children, 20-25 hours a week, in their home. There is a long and involved story in which this all played out, but the details get me all worked up and irratated (mostly that piece involved the company i worked for, their lack of written policy, and lack of professionalism...blah, blah, blah) and i was happy to work for people who offered me the job saying, "we want to make this work, and we'll do what we have to get you. it's crazy that some people pay more money to have their house cleaned than to care for their children."

I'm so dang happy to be starting something new, to change, and to work in a home with one family. my heart is no longer in group care for the very young. not to mention a 16 step diaper change (of which i could do up to 20) and wearing vinyl gloves to serve food. in my new job i'll get to wear a baby, if that's what she and i need (something i fought for, but didn't win about 2 years ago while working in the infant room. ), i'll be able to use glass, mostly all natural foods and toys, and spend time going on walks.

so that's the news. it's new. and it makes me happy.


Elizabeth said...

i can so very much relate to your frustration with your past job. a few months ago I resigned from my position in a similar setting. happy knitting!

Alyson said...

That sounds so wonderful! Congrats on the new gig - it's nice to have work that's up your alley. :-)