Wednesday, August 29, 2007

garter stitch blanket
blue sky alpacas organic cotton: color grown sage
un-named organic cotton: color grown brown
us 8 needles

i've had this one on the needles for a long time-- it was just garter stitch. so it was the project i worked on when i wasn't feeling obsessed with any one project. but suddenly, this was the project i was obsessed with. i worked on it every moment i had. something about the simple garter stitch lent it's self perfectly to the simplicity i needed during the latest transition. i ran out of yarn before finishing the lace border. Tom took me up to Ft. Collins (~1 hr north) to get one more skein of precious organic yarn after work on a tuesdays night. it took up our entire evening. it's the only yarn store in the area that carries the un-named kind i was using.

i was a little crushed when it was done.
i bound off. admired it. washed it.
and then proceeded to pace around the house. nothing felt good to knit.
there was not ONE project in the house that was suitable.

tom took me to the yarn store to get a new project.
i'll post about it soon.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Ooo, it's so pretty!

Inspired by you I'm going to make a moderne log cabin baby blanket for a friend... :)